Headhunting is a specialized recruitment service to seek and recruit highly qualified senior-level and executive candidates across the public sectors, private sectors & not-for-profit organisations. It usually involves researching the availability of suitably qualified candidates working for competitors or related businesses or organizations. 

Posimind seeks strong candidates in the job market for the top positions such as the CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s, etc. Having identified a shortlist of qualified candidates, the team ensures the candidate's interest in moving to a new employer. In the process, an initial screening, negotiation on remuneration and the employment contract is taken care of by us.


Step-By-Step Process


Discuss the position

One size does not fit all. Similarly, every client has different expectations for hiring a senior employee for a specific position. We make efforts to understand the need & expectations of the position from the clients' perspective in the initial stage itself. This makes it easy for us to create the right KRA & KPI to find ideal options for our client to shortlist the right candidate. 

Getting familiar with our client's work culture

Understanding our client's work environment gives us insights into their way of working and the work culture. This aspect compliments our process to screen candidates for the position and helps us determine if the candidate is capable of blending well with the organisation.

Leverage business & HR networks

We leverage circles of HR professionals, business owners, and business forums worldwide. Our team consists of professionals with relevant industry experience, who help seek the perfect fit for our client requirements.

Thorough background check

We make sure to run through a thorough background check of the options of candidates before we ask the client to review further. It helps the client understand the candidate better and also finalize from the best depending on who suits their combination. 

Mediation services

Even after everything goes well, while the candidate is selected, there are certain situations where we assist to mediate for final negotiation, which is an On-Demand service that we offer. The areas of concern could range from negotiating the CTC to the exit policies or anything else that requires our attention and support.

Post appointment services

We believe that relationships go a long way. Our approach is towards helping our clients with the right candidate, and ensure that the position creates the value they expect, which is also an on-demand service. This service is usually taken post the appointment of the executive. However, we always get back within 48 working hours to every inquiry or service request.